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Discover the potential of sustainable practices and take action with our Sustainability Training module.

Data Collection

Centralize all data causing emissions easily on our platform and make data-driven decisions.

Emission Measurement

Measure your Carbon Footprint according to international standards and accurately analyze your scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.


Convert data into actionable insights with a single click using our Advanced Reporting module

Reduction Strategy

Develop effective strategies to reduce your emissions with our strategy creation module, in collaboration with our expert team.

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Strategic Emission Management

Compliance with Policies and Regulations
Nowadays, many countries have laws and regulations related to carbon emissions. The calculation of the carbon footprint is necessary to comply with these regulations and avoid potential penalties. Sustainability reports and GHG (Greenhouse Gas) declarations are very important at this stage. While publicly traded companies include their emissions in annual reports, as of October 2023, exporting companies are obliged to calculate their emissions on a quarterly basis.
According to the new tax regulations published by the European Union, taxes will be determined based on the carbon emissions generated during the production of products. Companies need to calculate their emissions in order to maintain market share and achieve cost-effective production.
Low Carbon Economy
Sustainability and Carbon Management
The carbon footprint plays a critical role in achieving sustainability goals and transitioning to a low-carbon future. Companies can play an active role in combating climate change with carbon footprint reduction strategies and can benefit from green financing sources.

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